Orange Wine is Trending for All the Right Reasons

“It’s common to get wine-style-fatigue at the end of a season,” says Michael Kennedy, founder of Component Wine Company in Napa Valley. Orange wines, also known as skin-contact wines and amber wines, are made from white grapes. They possess both the flavors of white varieties with the texture and tannins common to red wine. It’s the result after the grape skins are allowed to ferment with the pressed juice.

The World's Most Romantic Island Getaways (with Prices!)

At 45-minute luxury boat transfer with a glass of champagne (or two) to welcome you to island life at Parrot Cay, a 1,000-acre island removed from mainland Providenciales that’s renowned for attracting celebrity guests. Thankfully, you don’t have to be Hollywood royalty to earn VIP status at COMO Parrot Cay. Couples won’t go wrong with renting one of their private villas, which each come with their own private beachfront, plunge pool, and catered in-room dining so you can make the most out of ev
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